Monday, September 21, 2015

House of Cards

Monday morning, and I have my writing plan for the week. To keep myself on task, I set up assignments for each day, and each day's writing is dependent on finishing the work of the previous day. Revise a story, post a blog, outline a new draft, check over submission possibilities, send work out. In my mind, at least, it's a logical and orderly process.
Furthermore, setting specific goals is my way of combating procrastination, the bane of any writer's existence. It's so easy to procrastinate. Household chores beckon, there's something I need at the store, Woki gives me a "let's go for another walk" stare. Ten thousand distractions. But I won't be tempted because I have my plan.
Until I don't.
The photo I took yesterday (on my brand new phone) for the blog post I want to write isn't syncing to my computer. In fact, my entire photo library seems to have a major issue, which stems suspiciously from the acquisition of the new phone. Apple Care can't solve the problem and the earliest available appointment with the Genius Bar isn't until Thursday afternoon. #&%!$!, as they used to say before cussing became basic to contemporary vocabulary.
So my carefully constructed plan is in the crapper. Just trying to set up a time to get the trouble fixed--never mind actually fixing it--has trashed my schedule. My house-of-cards writing plans have fallen like, well, a house of cards, and walking another 6 miles, mowing the lawn, or cleaning out the gutters has taken on unexpected appeal.
Flexibility has never been my strong suit, but I need to focus on writing, not leaf-clogged gutters. Ergo, this entire post is an exercise in working through the issue. Photo courtesy of, and text akin to moldy, rotting gutter slime, here it is. Old dogs and penmonkeys can learn new tricks.
But now, perhaps, it's time for a walk.

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