Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Faith and Magic

A Place of Faith and Magic
I took this photo a year and a half ago just outside the town of Kenmare in Ireland. I decided to post it for two reason: someone who reads this blog asked for photos (it's so fun when people comment--please do more), and I could seriously use an escape to Kenmare about now. It's only November 2 and I'm feeling some definite cabin fever.

I love writing most days, but every once in a while (like now), I get burnt out. If I try to force it, the results are drivel. The muse does not like to be chased.

So I think it's time for a little break. It would be nice to catch up with friends again, go out for lunch, see a movie. I suppose I could even clean house a bit. (Maybe.)

And I will read. Among the many books on my short list is a new one by Frank Delaney, called The Matchmaker of Kenmare. On page 4 of the book, a character declares that the only two words in which she puts her trust are Faith and Magic. Now those are words for a writer to live by.  Perhaps I'll be going back to Ireland after all....