Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Dog Ate My Homework

Okay, I can't really blame Woki. Maybe it's spring fever. Though given the current weather, that's not likely. Whatever the cause, I've got unfinished writing projects up the wazoo, and I just spent the last hour googling restaurant possibilities for dinner Friday night. My thoughts drift to warm climates--Florida, Jamaica, the Mediterranean. This sluggishness must be the fault of the weather. I'm too damn cold and miserable to write. The Muse is frozen solid. Why didn't I book a vacation to get the hell out of here? Oh, yeah, because I have too many projects that need to get done over Spring Break. Vicious circle.


Here it is!!

Finally, the book is out. We had a fabulous launch party on March 3, and I have several more events coming in the near future. Finalized, as of now, are an author reading on April 7 at Women  &  Children First in Chicago,  (

and a weekend of cool stuff at University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 12 to 14. 


FYI, if you don't have a copy already, it's available through Amazon, Kindle, Nook and any bookseller who is capable of ordering through Ingram or Baker & Taylor.

I was flattered and a little alarmed that several people have already said, "Loved your book. Read it in one day. When's the next one?"

Ahh, I'm working on that. In the meantime, you can find one of my short stories in the new UW literary journal, Midwest Prairie Review. The journal will be published in April, so I can't link you to it yet, but here's a link to the list of contributors: