Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book Launch!

March has been a whirlwind, and I'm happy to report a very successful launch for  TWELVE THOUSAND MORNINGS. Lake Forest Book Store did a wonderful job advertising, setting up a lovely wine and cheese table, and rushing to bring in extra chairs as the crowd grew. I'm grateful to everyone who came out on a Thursday evening to help me celebrate.  TTM was the #1 bestseller for the week of March 12th, and held on in the top ten the following week.

It's a funny thing--when I spend months and months in solitary pursuit of a finished novel, I daydream about the launch and promo. I really do enjoy talking to people about my work. However, I also love that quiet time, just me and my fictional friends discovering a new story. Given our unpleasant spring weather (four inches of snow on March 23!!), being tucked up in my cozy office is quite appealing right now, but it's promo time, so I'm off to UW Madison for their fab Writer's Institute Conference. I know it will be fun, and I'll meet wonderful people and see old friends.

Yet, amidst all the dashing around and congratulations for TTM, a little voice inside my head has already begun nagging me about the next book. I know the inspiration for the story and the basics of the plot line. I've got names for most of the main characters. I've got empty spiral notebooks at the ready. The only hint I will drop at this stage is that this next book will have a lot of historical elements woven in with the story. I've set myself a daunting challenge. I hope I can pull it all together, but it will likely be at least three more long winters before I can celebrate another launch. It's a toss up as to which is more unsettling--the writing demands or the weather.