Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Gift

I just received this email, forwarded by my husband. It was from one of his friends whose girlfriend had been reading their copy of The World Undone:

Now I got a story for you, but even more so for Mary.  Cheryl had some work done on her car, and being disorganized she found Mary's book which had been at the shop since August. (I didn't know it was lost).  The mechanic didn't know where it came from but was happy that it found its owner.  He said it was the most popular reading item in the shop competing with a wide variety of periodicals.  One lady asked if she could stay even though her car was finished, so that she could keep reading the book.  She stayed there for over 3 hours.  Numerous people commented to the effect that "That's a really good book."  I believe a mechanic also found the book, for it's a bit oily now on the cover and dog eared.  Merry Christmas to both of you.  Pete

Merry Christmas to all!!