Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chill Out

This photo was taken last week at the nearby wetlands when the air was a balmy 75 degrees. On a whim, I took the morning off writing, leashed up the dog, and set out for a lovely long walk. Good decision. Ideas for revisions and character development danced along the path with the late-season butterflies. My spirits rose inversely with my falling stress levels. A good walk is a great way to re-calibrate self-induced pressure (e.g. writer frenzy), with an added benefit of being the #1 way to figure out how to fix those sticky issues with character, plot, and . . . uh, real life.
After an unusually sticky week--broken appliances, a wad of rejected manuscripts, a three-hour dental procedure, setting up hospice care for my mother, quelling my fury with politicians, insurance companies and petty bureaucrats--I'm not focusing well on writing. Re-calibration required.
The air temp has plummeted to 40 degrees, but  instead of agonizing over the two vastly different ideas I had for this post, I will put those ideas on hold, suit up for the chilly weather, and head back to the wetlands.

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