Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The New Year

2014 it is . . . and has been for two weeks. To the left is one of my fave photos, taken in Ireland in 2010. Nearly four years ago now, and yet another indication of how time slips by too quickly. Wasn't I there just a few weeks ago? The image is perfect for illustrating the threshold, the theme (and definition) for Liminalesque, and who doesn't have a sense of moving to a new space as we enter a new year?
For me, new stories, new adventures, and new characters await discovery, along with a few old friends who are hanging around looking for excitement. The first draft of the sequel to THE WORLD UNDONE is finished, and the revision process has started. Here's to Lamott's words of wisdom on "shitty first drafts", to the new year, and to crossing another threshold.

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