Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pine Lake Press

A big, kinda scary week here, and Halloween is not the frightening part. Pine Lake Press, LLC is official. The logo above is what I designed, but low and behold, the world has changed and I've learned I have to have "vector art" if I want a logo. Well, that turns out to be complicated, but the designer I'm working with is going to try to find something ready-made that can be adapted to come as close as possible to the image above.
I have to say it is frustrating to be forced to use "pre-fab" art when I can design my own, but technology is what it is. Can't fight all the beasts, so I'll have to be content with posting my image here.

1 comment:

Shari A. Brady said...

I love it. Can't wait to purchase my first "Pine Lake Press" title. Congrats!