Thursday, October 14, 2010

Double the Fun

I am sulking.

Following in the steps of other serious writers, instead of having a temper tantrum ( which I would really LOVE to do), I'll just pen out my frustrations.

Today has been extra special--TWO rejections in the space of one hour and 49 minutes. A good friend (or so I thought) posted links to three blogs she deemed "exceptional" and while I agree they are, I am feeling like chopped liver.
I hardly had time to smooth the scowl lines off my face when, lo! another rejection appeared, this time from a bona fide agent. The SASE sat there in my mailbox like some malevolent toad, and the minute I touched the damn thing, its poisonous skin secretions seeped into my pores, blackening my humor.

I really don't care how many rejections J.K. Rowling had, or that even Maugham struggled to get published; I want an agent, I want my novels and stories published, and I want it NOW.

Okay, I feel better. Now I can get back to my current project, which is a 66, 000-word mess. The characters are stupid, the plot is dumb, the sentences are pathetic.
Somebody please remind me why I am doing this. Oh, yeah, because I think I'm a writer.

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Shari A. Brady said...

You've got it wrong sister...You are not just a writer, but a fantastically gifted and talented writer and as good as anyone sitting on the shelves of B and N right now. I know you won't give up because you are a true writer and true writers never quit because we have this drive that keeps us going and going and going (not sure if it's a DNA thing or PMS thing, but whatever, I"m on a rant now too). Someone someday will validate you for the years of hard work and dedication you've put forth. You just have to be like a shark and keep moving. Keep going. Never give up. Never give up, I tell you!
There. I feel better now too.