Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lake Forest

I'm still trying to figure out this blog stuff. Last Thursday, I went to an excellent presentation on blogging given by Laura Hansen, Cindy Kurman, and Helen Gallagher. These people really know their stuff, and I learned a lot. One thing that became clear is that good blogs have a focal point.

I struggled to think of something that I could use as a springboard for all the things I want to write about: observations, opinions, anecdotes, and sometimes just plain fiction. Hmm. It was a tough puzzle. Whenever I am confronted with the various puzzles life has to offer, I walk. My dog, Woki, and I have covered many miles working through the tricky bits of life.

This time, however, we had gone only a couple of miles before those little synapses clicked into place and I realized the answer was beneath my feet. And all around me. Lake Forest. The place I live. The place I have had a love/hate relationship with my entire life. It is a place with a certain reputation thanks to history, gossip, and writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Judith Guest.

Lake Forest, however, is not easily defined when one knows it well. It is a complex place that, while it by no means reflects the rough and tumble of the "real world," has its own heady mix of glamor and ugliness, charm and dark behaviors. Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone lives in a mansion, drives a Rolls Royce, and has more money than God. But certainly that element is here, too. (Wouldn't they cringe to be referred to as "an element"?)

Like many others, I am definitely not in the RR category. Over the years, I have often asked myself, "What am I DOING here?" Perhaps the answer is: observing. There are so many interesting things that go on here beyond the stereotypes. I will have anecdotes and opinions, and much of what I observe I will spin into fiction for all sorts of reasons. In addition, I hope this blog will be a little window into the world of Lake Forest, at least as I see it, for those who are curious.


Computer Clarity © 2004 said...

Bravo, Mary. You found a great focal point for your blog. From there, you can wander anywhere, but having that core adds structure and purpose to your blog. Not to mention great visibility.

Tip: Next time you create a post, look at the Label field, and you'll see you can type labels or tags, for search engines to sort your work.

lake forest, walking, community, writing

If you look at my latest post "A Rising Tide Lifts All Books" here:
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That's how that particular post is filed/sorted on my blog, and those are the keywords that aid your visibility in search engines.

Write on...

2KoP said...

Wow, high praise from the blog goddess herself. You clearly have a keen eye for observation. Mine is a little myopic. I think I can learn here.